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The Zoom8

The Zoom8 - a Strict One Design Class Dinghy of Finnish design

Zoom8 opens a brand new chapter in youth sailing.

Safe for the beginners, the Fastest Growing Class Boat in Europe.



Developed for sailors by sailors

A group of enthusiastic young dinghy sailors, bored with their old fleet, were given the opportunity to list their ideas for a new and modern dinghy. This list, combined with the design experience of Henrik Segercrantz, M.Sc., Naval Architect, formed the basis for planning. In this rapidly changing world nobody seemed to have given the young generation much of a tought.

With the looks of a racing dinghy

Computer aided, these ideas for a dream dinghy, modern sail-technology and advanced production methods formed the Zoom8.

A new dinghy was born. Fast, safe and easy to handle it has become very popular and has been adopted as a National Class in 14 countries around the sailing world.

For Beginners and Experts Alike

One of the main aims in constructing this new dinghy was to teach, from the very beginning, the young sailor to sail a proper racer. For the Zoom8 skipper switching over to any other boat will be very straightforward.

For beginners the safety is, of course, number one priority. Thus, combining safety and racing speed the Zoom8 was born!

Prepared for the future

Why make your sailing life difficult? Many sailors find the step from the beginner stage to the Olympic class dinghy to difficult. With Zoom8 the transaction is not that difficult. As the body do changes during puberty, some of the young sailors find them self trapped, the shear body size becomes a problem, and the confidence gets low as the regatta results is declining. The solution is obvious, don't stay - go ahead in order to develop yourself! 

The All-Round Dinghy

The beam and buoyancy make it possible to sail Zoom8 together with an adult without losing its good sailing performance. The double skin hull with built-in 150 safety-buoyancy bags make it unsinkable. Zoom8 is easy to rig and handle without prior experience -- a real family boat.

Sailing together - invite your friend or your sailing instructor!

According to the class rules, 2 man racing is allowed, so bring a friend aboard and race! The direct feed back is crucial in teaching, the possibilities to get directions during sailing is sometimes a great advantage in teaching.

Easy storage and transportation

With its 37 kg hull weight Zoom8 travels easily on the roof-top and can be stored in a basement or garage standing on its transom. A custom designed beach trailer and special hull colours are both optional.

Certified Quality

Zoom8 is the only racing dinghy with a CE approval.

The International Marine Certification Institute awarded the certificate that proves that Zoom8 meets the requirements of the EU directive for recreational craft on March 20th 1997.