Zoom8 facts

Length: 2.65 m

Width: 1.45 m

Weight: 38 kilos

Sail: 4.8 sqm

Fully equipped: 48 kilos

Youth Class: up to 19 years of age

Price (new 2017 fully equiped ex VAT): 4500 EUR

The Finnish Ship Constructor Henrik Segercrantz designed the dinghy Zoom8 in 1991.

In collaboration with a group of young sailors who wrote a list of desirable characteristics for a dream dinghy, Henrik Segercrantz designed a dinghy that looked like the young sailors wanted and sailed well and also lived up to today’s demands for safety and function.

Zoom8 is an “one design” class approved by World Sailing (ISAF) since 2003.

The International Zoom8 Class Association (IZCA) holds World Championships and European Championships as well as European Team Race Championships every year.

Today, the boats are built with vacuum injection molding at Riatla Marine Technology OY in Estonia and Altair Marine in Russia.

Zoom8 is a durable and lightweight hull, it weighs only 38 kg, yet has the trim options that´s making it fun to sail.

The Zoom8 is easy to sail and also easy to transport and handle, both on land and on the launching ramp. The sailors are able to sail the dinghy in strong winds, which is appreciated.

Optimum weight for the sailor is 40-60 kg but 35-65 kg is quite ok.

World Championships 2017 in Sweden was the first year we opened up the class for sailors above 19 years, who want to continue to sail due to their light weight and development of their muscles. Because of the weight of the Zoom8, light weight sailor´s doesn´t experience the back problems you see in heavier classes.